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Banned Cartridges

We are pleased that our work with the joint local authorities on the matter of noise has now resulted in the 28g cartridge restriction now being lifted. During the noise tests the following cartridges produced higher than acceptable noise levels. These are now banned from use at Ower Shooting Ground. With 28g being the maximum load the following are excluded:


We will continue to add to this list as necessary

Ower Shooting Ground staff will police the use of cartridges and anyone using inappropriate ammunition will be asked to stop and exchange their cartridges for ones which comply. We carry stock of Hull Comp X 21g & 28g and these are available on the front desk

Thanks for your support

Rules of Shooting

English Sporting usually presents the shooter with two different targets. The targets used are normally quartering targets, crossers, driven, overhead, rabbits, springing teal amongst others the course creator might feel is challenging. Today, As the most popular form of clay shooting, English Sporting provides a shooting environment that offers different layouts and a constant challenge.

The targets can be launched as singles or pairs. The pair would consist either of one target, then the second being launched the instant a shot is fired or both targets fired at the same time (Simo)

An average competition at Ower comprises of 10 stands used to shoot 70 targets. Differing variations allow more targets and stands to be used and in a large competition there may be as many as 12 different stands and 100 targets.

There is no set way of selecting stands and shooters can select in a random order if they wish. The Stands will have signs telling the shooter how many pairs are to be shot in the stand and what they are. (L – R Crosser O/R Teal)

The shooter has an option to call for the target with the gun in or out of their shoulder.